How We Added 30% In Revenue:

3 Lessons from $40,000,000 in Affiliate Commissions

As an Affiliate Marketer, you're told to split text everything. That usually means spending a good chunk of time focusing on writing and testing new offers, headlines, images, and the copy of your Presell page. Finding winning offers and headlines can definitely help with short term wins for a few weeks, or possibly a month... if you're lucky.

The dream of making a change that will make your campaign profitable for a year or more seems crazy but yet thats exactly what this is. This playbook shows the exact plays you can use on ANY of your landing pages to give your campaign a long term boost.

The typical affiliate funnel is made up of an ad -> landing page(presell) -> offer. Your ad is always very limited as to what you can add or change, due to traffic source restrictions. And you don't own the offer, so making changes to that page is out of your control. Which leaves you with your presell page. This is the most powerful step in the funnel because you have full control over the experience you provide the visitor.

The ultimate goal of the presell page is to get your visitor to click through to the offer. But with the majority of visitors leaving your site without clicking through, you're spending a lot of money to get people that leave your presell page without ever seeing the offer page.

Getting an extra 10% of those leaving visitors to click through to your offer could double your conversions!

New Term Alert: A “EXIT PLAY” is showing a popup to a visitor about to leave your site.

How can we capture 10% more clicks???

The Exit Play

The Exit Play, is all about capturing the attention and interest of the visitor before they are about to leave. Using a Popup combined with the site abandonment trigger you are able to show a popup to a visitor right before they are about to leave your site.


High-converting site abandoning (aka exit intent) Popups



Simple message with your offer and a call to action button that will redirect the visitor to the offer page.



Similar to the OfferPop but adding an email form field before redirecting to the offer page.

Native Ad


Show your uninterested visitor a combination of ads with different ad angles and/or other offers in a last ditch effort to catch their interest.

The last thing we want is for anyone to leave our page, unless they are clicking through to the offer! So when we can see they are about to leave your page (either through moving their mouse outside of the browser on their computer, hitting the back button on their phone, or scrolling up really fast to access the URL bar) we need to get their attention before they bounce.

By adding an Exit Play to our landing page, we seize the opportunity to either get the conversion at a discounted rate, capture the lead for future targeting, or offering them other angles/offers that may peak their interest more than the original offer.

Make sure to split test all three options and see which one gives you the best results.

New Term Alert: A “social play” is how your display social proof to your visitor to build trust.


Nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing or referral marketing.


Let your traffic know exactly what other people think of your offer and how it will help them!

Recent Purchases

Let your visitors know they are in good company when they spend time with you.

In 2016, a Nielsen study revealed that the vast majority of Americans trust the recommendations of friends and family when considering a purchase. And up to 67% say they’re likely to purchase a product after a friend or relative posts about such a product on social media. In addition, up to 86% of Americans with incomes of more than $500,000 seek recommendations when considering a purchase.

The power of social proof is incredible.


Get them off the fence with FOMO!

Alert Bar

Best way to let your visitors know about promotions, new offerings, and other announcements.

The alert bar is a great place to showcase a sale, alert visitors of limited stock quantities, or offer a coupon. What we love about the alert bar is that it feels more personal and customized for the visitor as opposed to seeing the message on the website copy itself. This can make the message feel more urgent and exclusive, which encourages visitors to engage and convert.

Each one of these plays are powerful. Adding just one of different plays is going result in a huge conversion boost. They work across any campaign, and they work just not only for a week or a month, but for years.

We’ve been using the exact same offer pops, native ads, social proof, notifications, urgencies, same ones we’ve been using for the last five years. This is not a short-term boost in conversions, this is actually a long-term play that really helps build long-term value to your campaigns. As an affiliate, you can appreciate the long game here, because nothing in affiliate marketing seems to have a very long-term effect.


"Before Ampry it was OptinMonster, HelloBar, Proof, Voluum, UpRival, and a lot of custom code 😱. Obviously getting rid of the above has saved a small fortune." - Kyle B.

Usually you’d have to use three different products to employ all three of these powerful tactics, but now, with the new release of Ampry, you’re able to all of them. It’s an extremely powerful platform, and when you use it, you’ve got all of the data together. So you can really optimize and maximize your campaign.

1,000's of marketers and counting have installed Ampry on their site to automate these plays for their campaigns.
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That’s an extra 10-30% in revenue that you can use to:
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It’s easy to create custom popups for every site, and in-platform analytics help you optimize these popups for even more sales.

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