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Campaign Triggers

Design and Customization


Lead Capture

Split Testing


Popular Features

Customize your user experience and increase engagement by showing your visitors the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Split-Test Everything

Now you can test different headlines, images, copy, templates, placements, target audiences, and more.

Native Ads

Finally, a platform that allows you to build and serve native ad units in any format; Popup, Stick bar, or Onpage

Exit Intent

Now you can test different headlines, images, copy, templates, placements, target audiences, and more.

Advanced Targeting

Don't waste your traffic!  Create an unlimited number of messages and send them only to the people who are most likely to convert.


No two visitors are alike.

Each has their own needs,

wants and preferences.

Show the right messages to the right users at the right time using one of our many targeting conditions. The options are limitless.

Language and Geo-Location

Take your campaigns worldwide with geo-location targeting.  Customize your offers based on language and region.

Visited Pages

Target your traffic based on which pages they have visited.  Save on valuable impressions by only showing your offers to those who haven't purchased.

URL Parameters

Target based on URL string, UTM parameters, referring source, and/or custom sub-ids. 


Create special offers for past customers and loyal readers by targeting returning traffic.

Page Level Targeting

Don't show your hand until your customer has been primed for purchase.  Wait until the right place in the customer journey to maximize your chances of a sale.

Device Specific

Create campaigns specifically designed for the device your traffic is visiting you on.

Campaign Triggers

Grab your visitor’s attention at just the right moment

Monitor the behavior of every single visitor and trigger your on-site message exactly when they take a specific action.


Give your traffic some time to look around, then show them your message at the right time.

Site Abandonment

Grab the attention of your bouncing traffic at the exact moment they are  about to leave your site.

Clicks Count

Trigger will activate after a certain number of clicks.

On Click

Show your message when a visitor clicks on a specific  button, image, box, link, or banner.

Idle User

Target users who have stopped engaging with your website and move them one step closer to a conversion.

Page Scroll

Display your offer only after a visitor has scrolled down a certain amount on your page.

Design and Customization

Build Beautiful, Eye-Catching Messages Without The Need for a Developer or Designer

Types of Placements

Completely customize every ad with your brand's unique look and feel. - Choose the perfect placement type to display the most attention-grabbing message to your visitors for maximum engagement.

  • PopUp
  • Fullscreen
  • Notification
  • Top/Bottom Bar
  • Embedded OnPage
  • Native Ads


Choose one of our stunning pre-made templates, tweak it to your preference, and start engaging your visitors with style.

Use macros to dynamically insert dynamic content based on location, current or future date and times, URL parameters, and more!

  • 100+ beautiful templates
  • Custom color palette
  • Countdown timers
  • Adjustable size & layout
  • Social elements
  • Unique text elements
  • Yes / No experiences
  • Custom thank you message
  • Advanced image editor

  • Video content
  • All templates mobile optimized
  • Background Images
  • Responsive messages
  • Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Customizable Input Fields
  • Add coupon codes
  • Mobile view editing
  • Multiple Positions


Using Webhooks, you can seamlessly connect and automate all of your platforms.

Simple Set Up

It only takes a few minutes to connect all of your platforms.

Website Builders and CMS

You can display Onsite messages on any site by placing a simple of pixel.


Integrate Ampry with Google Tag Manager to simplify your analytics and on site code.

Newsletters and CRMs

Make sure all of your leads are added to your newsletter, messenger, SMS, and any other step in your customer's journey.

eCommerce Integration

Integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other popular eCommerce platforms.

Lead Capture

Capture your traffic's information to retarget those who aren't quite ready to buy.

Embedded Forms

Embed name, email, and phone number forms right into your engagement placement of choice.

Custom Segmentation

Add custom fields so you can further segment your audience.

Targeted Automations

Add new subscribers to specific automations that will lead them further along the customer journey.

Split Testing

With Ampry, you aren't limited to a/b testing.  Test as many options as you want to better give your audience what they are looking for.


Copywriting isn't easy and it takes time to get it right.  Use Ampry to compare different offer messaging.


Compare different images, video, and gifs to determine which creative elements your audience is drawn to.

Placement Types

Find out what drives more sales for each unique page a popup, bottom bar, notification?? or maybe using all 3?


Some times a different look and feel of the message is what’s needed

Actionable Analytics

Track all of the data you need to make an informed decision on your campaigns.  Turn off the poorly performing ads, and scale the winners.

Event Tracking

Customize and track specific events and engagement based on individual campaign goals.

Performance Comparison

Easily compare sites, placement types, templates, copy, and whatever other elements that drive the greatest conversions

ROI Tracking

Enter event value to track conversion income so you an accurately calculate your return on investment.

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