March 30, 2020

Marketing has used pre-sell pages for a long time. The concept goes back to the days of print advertising, back when they were called advertorials, which is an advertisement or sales letter disguised as an article. Essentially a pre-sell page is a clever way for someone to advertise a product using content published in the form of a blog or article, like native advertising.

A pre-sell page is like a landing page so it always comes before the actual sales page, and there will be many links and call to action, or CTA button on the pre-sell page that, when clicked, will lead to the sales page. When done correctly, the pre-sell page acts as an emotional amplifier driving potential customers to the next step in the buyer’s journey.

How To Implement Ampry Into Your Pre-sell Pages

  • Popups – Use a timed, page scroll, or site abandonment popup to increase site visitor engagement and keep them on your web page longer.
  • Notifications – Create a small popup that notifies site visitors of special discounts, shows customer reviews, recent purchases, an up coming product launch,or any other message or idea to engage more with your site visitors. You can also use notifications to drive traffic to join an email list to continue receiving important emails and convert prospective customers into buyers.
  • Bars – Create a customized message for your site visitors that locks into place at the top or bottom of the web page and stays in place even during page scrolling.
  • Onpage – Use our onpage placement to show site visitors other content or course pieces that they may be interested in, use as a banner ad, or to showcase a video on your web page.

Using Popups To Increase Conversion Rates

Look, regardless of what you think about popups, data shows that THEY WORK! The site abandonment popup alone can recover over 50% of your abandoning visitors. Ampry offers four different types of triggers for website popups that will allow you to show the right message at the right time to your site visitors.

  • Site Abandonment – A website overlay displays when the user attempts to navigate away from the page to convince them not to leave.
  • Timed – A website overlay displays after the user spends a set amount of time on the page.
  • Page Scroll – A website overlay displays after a user scrolls through a certain percentage of the web page.
  • Inactive User – A website overlay displays after a set amount of time of user inactivity.

Here are some examples of popup messages and different template options that you can customize to fit your website, product(s) and customer base.

Now, not all traffic sources you want to buy traffic from allow popups, but that’s where you can tweak and test different trigger types and messages to get the best results. Because bottom line, if you aren’t using popups, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Don’t let your popups be generic. Personalize them to fit with where they are in their “Customer Journey.” There are a variety of ways you can make your popups more personal whether that be with an offer to a new product, an ebook download, link to a related webinar or blog post, or some sort of digital product download.

Using Notifications To Sell Better And Faster

If you are in marketing, you’ve most definitely heard of “social proof,” so we’ll just say that it’s a great way to build trust with your site visitors, helping them make a quicker decision about purchasing your product.

Studies show that about 70% of online consumers look at a product review or testimonial before making a purchase. That’s why most websites these days have a section of their homepage dedicated to “social proof” or even a whole web page dedicated to it. The problem is that your target audience doesn’t see those sections of the web page. That’s where Ampry comes in. With Ampry, you can display notifications as popups that will remain on the page for a set amount of time and then continue to rotate through your customer testimonials, reviews, recent purchases, and anything else you can think of!

Here are some examples of notification popups that you could create for your website.


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